Started to learn OpenSocial

I just started to learn OpenSocial. First of all, I organized terminologies.


Gadgets are mini-applications built using HTML, with JavaScript, Flash or Silverlight for dynamic behaviors. Since gadgets can run on multiple sites and platforms, there are special tags and libraries that work in different places. All of these are extensions to the core gadgets API, to provide additional functionality.

Gadgets API Reference

The gadgets API consists of a few simple building blocks: XML, HTML, and JavaScript.

OpenSocial - a subset of Gadget

A set of common Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for web-based social network applications, developed by Google and a number of other social networks. Applications implementing the OpenSocial APIs will be interoperable with any social network system that supports them.

OpenSocial Jargon
  • Owner
    • The user who has installed the app
  • Viewer
    • The user who is using the app
  • Friends
    • Relationship between two users
  • App Data
    • Data stored by an app
  • Activity
    • Data stored by a user (what a user does)
  • Container
    • A website
OpenSocial APIs