Job Description - Engineering Manager


Software Engineering Managers are clearly characterized by progressive technical experience and demonstrated progression in management responsibility.


  • Be both a highly technical, hands-on coder and effective people manager.
  • Communicate cross-functionally and drive engineering efforts.
  • Hold your own in technical discussion, be a subject matter expert, and have strategic influence.


SWE Managers have not only the technical chops to roll up their sleeves and provide technical leadership to major projects, but also manage a team of engineers. You not only optimize your own code but make sure engineers are able to optimize theirs. As a SWE Manager you manage your project goals, contribute to product strategy and help develop your team.


  • Be directly responsible for Google's stellar uptime record.
  • Be the guardian/custodian of the end-to-end performance and reliability of Google's user-facing services.
  • Be accountable for ensuring that Google users can always reach and use all of the services under your team's care.
  • Lead a hybrid team of software engineers, system administrators and operations architects on highly visible projects, with regards to deploying live end-user systems and mission critical services.!t=jo&jid=42110&